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Glossy Labels University

Glossy Labels U offers a quick and top-quality course on how to make your product labels as attractive, durable and usable as possible. What are the most common uses of glossy labels? Are there different materials to use with a glossy finish? What are the strengths, and what are the weaknesses of these particular labels? The links below will lead you to every piece of important information about glossy labels.


The goal of is to teach you everything you need to know about glossy labels. If you are not in the printing and labeling business, naturally you will have dilemmas about how you want your label to look. Our mission is to help you bring your product closer to your customers by making every detail – i.e. your product label – as visible and as attractive as possible.

Here you’ll learn when and where to use glossy labels, the benefits of using this particular label finish, how to avoid expensive printing mistakes and how to deliver quality product.

With information from our Glossy Label Pros you won’t need to consult anyone else – you can go ahead and make that perfect label for your application.