Printing: A Few Words of Caution

If you choose to print your label with printing professionals, they’ll know which type of print is best for your particular order.

You can also design your own glossy labels using online labelers and print them yourself. This requires some basic knowledge about the type of printer you own and whether the glossy label material you purchased is compatible with the printer.

If you own an inkjet printer, make sure you have the label stock for that type of printer, and the same goes for laser printing.

Laser printing requires using glossy labels with very a smooth finish designed specifically to fuse toner to it. Glossy laser labels are more water resistant than those designed for inkjet printers

Glossy inkjet labels are made to hold or absorb ink as it is sprayed on by the printer and they dry very quickly. They react to very high humidity and should be kept away from it. Operating with incompatible label types and printers can not only waste your money spent on labels, but can cause damage to the printer, too, so don’t print labels until you’ve informed yourself about proper printing.